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The Hidden Health Benefits of a Cleaner Office Space

A safe, healthy workspace. A cleaner office spaceIt’s a dream come true for many employers, but it’s not as easy as you might think. There are many individuals in and out of your space every day, and on top of that, it’s a workplace! You likely have lots of items here and there that help you get your job done, but make your space look messy. Keeping the office clean, no matter how much business you’re doing, is nothing short of a must. It not only helps your space look better, but it can keep it healthier for everyone involved. Not sure cleaning actually means protecting the health of your employees and customers? It absolutely does.   

Take a look at some of the health benefits of a cleaner office space. 

  • Fewer Germs and Better Air Quality: Some studies have shown that on average, a desk in your office can contain more than 400 times the germs of a toilet seat. That means that your employees and your customers are constantly being exposed to germs and bacteria, which can spread rather easily. Dirty spaces tend to have poor air quality too. What does all of this mean to you? If your workplace is dirty, you may find your employees (and even your customers) end up with headaches, irritated eyes, or even additional asthma attacks. That can really impact the productivity levels in your office. You may also find your employees taking multiple sick days because of the germs that are being spread and the poor air quality. A cleaner office can actually lead to prevention of some sickness and infection, which could help your bottom line.  
  • Lower Stress Levels: Think a messy space doesn’t create stress? Think again. If you spend your days inside a messy, crowded office, you’re continually thinking about the mess itself. Clutter can bombard your mind with too much stimuli. Essentially, it draws your attention away from where your focus should be, and that’s a bad idea in a workspace. Instead, with a cleaner office, you’re going to create far less stress for your employees. That can improve productivity levels.  
  • Pest Prevention: Bugs tend to multiply and hide in messy workspaces. They’re attracted to almost everything, and they have the ability to spread disease and bacteria. That can lead to health problems within your office. It may even turn a customer away at the door. Regular cleanings, though, help prevent pest problems.  

A cleaner office really is a healthier office but finding the time to make that happen can be difficult in and of itself. The Circle City Cleaning Crew offers commercial cleaning services for offices and professional spaces of all sizes. We pay attention to every area of your office, not just the high traffic spaces. The result is a beautiful, healthy cleaner office that will make your business look great and your employees feel fantastic. To learn more about our process or how we can keep your employees safer and healthier, get a free estimate today