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Because of the recent pandemic, the fitness industry has drastically changed. During the lockdowns, regular gym-goers found alternative ways to get their workouts in such as digital workouts or home gym equipment. However, gyms are about more than just the work out and as the country opens back up, gym owners are looking for ways to encourage members to return. At Circle City Cleaning Crew, we know that the pandemic changed the way a lot of businesses run, so we’ve put together a list of qualities that will bring back members and encourage new membership in your gym.

Qualities of a Great Gym

1. Convenience

During the pandemic, many Americans traded in their gym memberships for in-home workout equipment, online workout vidoes, and interactive digital classes. While these options may not have the same appeal of a true gym atmosphere, they do bring a certain level of convenience that not all gyms offer. If you are looking for ways to encourage new and returning business, consider extending your hours to appeal to more gym customers. Members will appreciate the opportunity to get their workouts in before or after work or even late at night after their kids have gone to bed.

2. Community

Another quality gym-goers look for is community. Community is a big draw for those looking to workout and it cannot be accomplished at home. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your gym has plenty of opportunity for your members to come together and create community. This may mean adding more classes for them to attend or perhaps adding a juice or coffee bar so members are encouraged to hang out after they work out. When your members start to rely on each other for accountability, they’ll be more likely to keep coming back.

3. Cleanliness

Finally, the top quality people look for in a great gym is cleanliness. Not only is this important to provide a good customer experience, it also goes hand with the health and safety people are looking for. In the wake of the pandemic, Americans are more concerned than ever with the cleanliness of the public spaces they regularly visit. That is why we recommend a professional cleaning service to ensure your gym is properly cleaned and disinfected. Your members will feel more comfortable knowing that they aren’t working out in a gym full of germs and bacteria.

Whether you run a locally owned gym or a family fitness center in Indianapolis, we are committed to providing detailed and in-depth cleaning of your space beyond basic daily cleaning tasks. Contact Circle City Cleaning Crew today at (317) 523-8820 or request a free estimate online.