Superior Cleaning Services in Indianapolis Indiana
Complete Cleaning Services in Indianapolis Indiana

Making the choice to hire Circle City Cleaning Crew to clean your commercial building is a great choice! We service all types of facilities in the Indianapolis area with commercial cleaning that goes beyond general cleaning tasks. In fact, when you choose Circle City, our staff will wash, scrub, and disinfect your space, making sure it’s sanitized and clearing your facility of dust, debris, and dirt. If this is your first time working with a commercial cleaning crew, we’ve listed a few things you can do to prepare for our arrival!

Preparing for Commercial Cleaning

Clear Away Clutter

The best way to ensure our team is able to fully clean and disinfect your building is by giving us full access to it. This means removing any clutter that may be on your surfaces, such as desks, counters, floors, etc. While we can certainly work around these things, you’ll get a much more thorough clean if surfaces are cleared ahead of time.

Clear the Floor

Because our service includes cleaning the floors, they also need to be clear of any clutter or debris. Heavy furniture can, of course, be left in place, but things like boxes, briefcases, or personal space heaters should be relocated before our crew arrives. Taking these simple steps ahead of time not only gives our team full access to the areas we need to clean, but also allows us to use our time scrubbing instead of moving unnecessary items out of the way.

Inform Your Staff

Finally, before you have a commercial cleaning crew come to your building for the first time, you should let your employees know so they can also prepare. While our team is background-checked and trustworthy, your employees may have delicate or personal affects they might want to remove from their workspace. Your employees will appreciate being kept in the loop about such things and will also need to know so they can be out of the building on time.

At Circle City Cleaning Crew, we’re excited to work with you and we’re committed to giving you a sanitary and healthy environment for your staff. Contact us today at (317) 523-8820 with any questions or request a free estimate online.