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If you are in the fitness center business, you know there are many reasons for keeping a gym clean. Your patrons will be happier and healthier if they are working out in a clean space. And isn’t promoting a healthy lifestyle the whole point of a gym? At Circle City Cleaning Crew, we take cleaning seriously. Not only do we disinfect and sanitize the entire gym space, we also create a comfortable and hygienic environment for your members. Read on for the gross truth of why you need a professional cleaning crew in your gym today.

The Gross Truth about Gyms

People Are Gross

The golden rule of any gym is that the members always wipe down the machines after they use them. However, just as there are people who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, there are people who don’t wipe machines down after use. The fact is, even if you have the very best members at your gym, you can’t rely on them to keep it clean.

Gyms Are the Perfect Environment for Germs

Unless gyms are properly cleaned, they are the perfect environment for bacteria and germs.  Not only are they warm and moist, they are also filled with soft, porous surfaces that bacteria love. With all that bacteria breeding, there is definitely the potential for transmission of infectious particles. MRSA has been documented among athletic teams with shared equipment, along with UTIs, E. coil, fungus (like athlete’s foot) and warts caused by HPV. As if those types of infections weren’t enough, there are also the common cold, the flu, ringworm, and of course, COVID-19 to worry about.

The Good News

After reading all of this, you may never want to step foot in a gym again. However, there is good news! With proper cleaning, a lot of this contamination is preventable. A professional cleaning crew, like Circle City Cleaning Crew, will sanitize everything including the rubber exercise floors, the equipment, the locker rooms, and everything in between, to keep your gym germ-free.

Whether you run a locally owned gym or a family fitness center in Indianapolis, we are committed to providing detailed and in-depth cleaning of your space beyond basic daily cleaning tasks. Contact Circle City Cleaning Crew today at (317) 523-8820 or request a free estimate online.