Superior Cleaning Services in Indianapolis Indiana
Complete Cleaning Services in Indianapolis Indiana

Building custom homes throughout the Indianapolis area leaves a substantial mess! After the the final door is hung and last light bulb is installed, there is still quite a bit of work left to be done because the job isn’t finished until a professional post-construction cleanup is completed. At Circle City Cleaning Crew, we want to do our part in helping you build and sell beautiful homes for Indianapolis residents and the surrounding communities. Read on to learn what is included in a post-construction cleanup.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Rough Clean

The first step is known as a “rough clean” and often happens before the construction is fully completed. We generally clean the home and remove any leftover tape or debris. A rough clean usually includes cleaning the plywood or concrete before the new floors are installed. This ensures that the final install is spotless and secure.

In-Depth Clean

Next, we’ll complete a more in-depth clean of the home. We’ll scrub the walls, sweep, dust, and wash the windows, plus we’ll clean any cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other small spaces. Our team understands that construction creates a lot of dust that the new homeowners will not appreciate, so we are very thorough in our process!

Final Deep Clean

Finally, when construction is finished and all installations are complete, we will do a thorough deep clean of the entire house. We will clean all the walls and ceilings to remove scuff marks and smudges. The floors will be buffed and waxed, and carpets vacuumed. The kitchen and bathrooms will also be cleaned from top to bottom, and any remaining trash or debris will be removed.

The end result of our new construction housecleaning service is a home that is move-in ready! For all of your post-remodeling and post-construction housecleaning needs in the Indianapolis area, contact Circle City Cleaning Crew at (317) 523-8820 or request a free estimate online.