Superior Cleaning Services in Indianapolis Indiana
Complete Cleaning Services in Indianapolis Indiana

Religious buildings have unique cleaning needs. Often, these types of buildings see a variety of members and guests, and are open at differing times throughout the week. Churchgoers expect a clean environment to worship in and now more than ever, they rely on the staff to ensure it is safe to attend church. At Circle City Cleaning Crew, we want you to focus on the important services you provide your members and let us handle the cleaning and sanitizing of your Indianapolis area facility.

Church Cleaning 101

What to Expect

When we clean and sanitize a church facility we include:

  • Restrooms – We clean and restock all restrooms, making sure all sinks and faucets are disinfected, toilets are scrubbed, door knobs and light switches are sanitized, and floors are mopped. We restock toilet paper, seat covers, paper towels, hand soap, and trash liners after the trash cans have been emptied.
  • Worship Center – We dust, polish, and vacuum the worship center, checking the seats for trash or stains.
  • Childcare and Nursery – We recognize that the safety of infants and children is a top priority, so we make sure that all play areas, cribs, and toys are disinfected regularly. We also wipe down door handles, light switches, sink areas, and cabinets to prevent the spread of germs. 
  • Offices and Meeting Rooms – To create a clean and welcoming atmosphere for your staff and guests, we take care of dusting desks, computer screens, and bookshelves, as well as emptying trash cans and vacuuming. 

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Your cleaning needs are important to us, along with the health of all who enter your church building. We know each church facility has its own unique needs, from dusting pews and washing windows to disinfecting childcare centers. That’s why we allow you to choose from one of two church building cleaning services, or we can combine them to create a tailored package catered to your facility.
  • Janitorial Services – This package is for basic cleaning tasks, such as cleaning floors, emptying trash, dusting pews and shelves, and disinfecting restrooms.
  • Commercial Cleaning – This package includes services such as high dusting, cobweb removal, wiping baseboards, and other meticulous, detailed cleaning of your Indianapolis area church.

Circle City Cleaning Crew

As one of the leading church cleaning businesses, we look forward to serving you and your Indianapolis congregation with our cleaning solutions. Contact Circle City Cleaning Crew today at (317) 523-8820 to request a free estimate for your church.